How to buy a star in the sky? - Step by Step

Shooting star

Finding a gift for someone special usually is very hard. As you want to find something meaning full, that will last forever, and will not be forgotten after a year or even a couple of months. Naming a star for someone is a perfect gift and something that will not be forgotten ever.

Currently, there are a lot of services providing to register a star in their private registers. But how to choose the right one?

As SREU is one of the largest private star registers in the world very often, we receive emails from people that are willing to name a star. However, we are not providing that a star registry from our site. You can purchase a star gift package from our partners such as You will be able to locate your star from our site by using the registration code on your star certificate.

Step 1 - Chose a package

The first step starts by opening our partner's star naming catalog. On this page, you will see different offers. All of the offers allow you to buy a star, but there are some differences. The main difference is star types but also you can choose a star based on the budget you have for your gift.

  • Standard package - By choosing this package team will select a random star based on the brightness you have chosen.
  • Zodiac package - In this case, you will have the same features as in Standard star, but you will be able to choose constellation free of charge. So the team will select star from available stars in this constellation based on brightness selected
  • Binary star package - Binary stars are scarce as those are two stars very close together circling each other. In most cases, they are very bright, and you can see the star in the night sky with a naked eye. So in this case team will select a Binary star also based on the brightness you selected.

Step 2 - Personalize Your Star

Star Certificate options

Once you have selected the star that's fit's your needs and budget, it's time to personalize it. All of the star packages have the same options for personalization.


  • Name of the star - This field is probably most important and that way only area that is required. This will be the name of how Star will be called
  • Design - You can select a gift certificate that fits the most your occasion. All of them are of high quality and printed on glossy paper.
  • Data of registration - Registration date dose do not mean that it is registered on that day. The data points out the moment of the occasion or any other meaning that you want to add. The original date of registration will be added in register on the time you finish your purchase. Additionally, you can choose from Europe date format and US date format.
  • Several copies - If this gift is for multiple people or groups of people you might want to more than one certificate. So you can choose the number of documents there.
  • Constellation - If this is a birthday gift, you want to give extra meaning to the gift you can select specific constellation. As this option is available for all packages, for Standard, this is paid feature.
  • Fitting frame - To not spend your time looking for a perfect frame, our partners are providing an option to add it to the order.
  • A personal message - Naming a star is an excellent gift, and that's true that person will never forget it. But he might forget the occasion why he got it. So to make it more meaning full and unforgettable, you can add your personal message to the certificate.

Additional services

  • Brightness - SREU has an internal system that assigns stars based on constellation and name. So once a star is registered in our partner portal this information is automatically passed to us. However, in some cases, customers are willing to get extra bright stars. In this case, we are manually reviewing options and looking for the best type of star that is available in the selected constellation.
  • Email delivery - Star registration process is quick and sometimes can happen in less than 5 minutes. However, printing certificate and a star chart, sending it over and waiting for it to come might take some time. So Star Registration offers the option to get a certificate and star map to your email in a digital version within 24 hours. By choosing this option, you will not receive a physical SREU gift package and official certificate.

Step 3 - Checkout

Once you have added all the stars you want to buy in the cart, you have to finish your purchase. To simplify matters, Star Registration have adjusted their checkout process as close as possible to regular eCommerce stores. You are available to choose the different payment and delivery options.

Step 4 - Wait for gift package to arrive

Star Gift package

Once you have finished your order, the only thing for you is left to wait. Usually, a digital version of the Star Certificate is delivered to your email address within 24hours. However, physical order might even take from 7-20days based on the delivery method you have selected and location where you live.

Once you have received your order, we encourage you to leave a review of your experience to the email our partners will send you. We often monitor our partner performance and are helping them to improve their customer service and user experience.


Buying a star is a simple procedure, and can be done within few minutes. Your star will be registered in SREU register within 24 hours. And you can find it our catalog anywhere in the world.

However, naming a star in SREU dose not mean that it will be from now know as the name you added. SREU is a private register and serves for entertaining purpose. You are not able to buy a star from anybody, as it does not belong to anybody.

Stars that have names like Sirius, Betelgeuse, Rigel or Vega come from historical origins, or they are named by astronomical organizations such as the International Astronomical Union. At the moment, there is no private organization that has rights to name a star so that it would be recognized worldwide.