Adopt a star as a gift and get a certificate

Are you looking for a meaning full gift? You have come to the right place. We have one of the largest private celestial name databases in the world that have saved more than 90000-star adoption names in the database. You can adopt a star as a gift to your loved one, friend, family, or celebrate any other happy occasion. This name will be saved in our database for eternity.

Currently, it is not possible to legally own a star. Maybe in 100 or 200 years, this will change, but at the moment, there is no legal way to do that. Nasa or International Astronomical Union are not providing these kinds of services. So only way how to do that is to do it in the private catalog. Our database is one of the largest in the world so who knows maybe someday they will change their minds and ask us to share it with them, and make it official.

Adopt a star Certificate

How does star adoption certificate look like?

When you are adopting a star in one of our partner’s site, you will have a range of approved certificates that you can choose from. You can see a few images below from one of our partners. 

Adopt a star Certicaite


What else is included when I adopt a star?

By adopting a star, you don’t only buy a star certification. First full, it will be immediately recorded in our database, so you can tell and show it to your friends and family that star is indeed recorded in our database. On top of that, you will receive an excellent package to the mail, that will include star certification folder, with a star certificate, and star map to find the exact place of your star.
With this star map, you will be able to find your star with a telescope or with a naked eye if you chose the brightest star option. 

Adopt a star Gift package

How long it takes to adopt a star?

The process of adopting a star is simple and can be done within 10 minutes, you just need to fill a form about the star you are willing to adopt and finish the purchase by paying with Credit card, Sofrot, GiroPay, Apple pay, Google Pay or PayPal. Once an order is placed, it will take around 10 minutes to transfer information to us so we can record the star automatically in our database, and approximately 5 minutes to receive the email with all the details about your star.
If you have selected a physical package, you will still receive an email copy of the certificate and star map. But you will need to wait sometime to get your package shipped and sent to you. Delivery time is based on your location, and what shipping method you have selected. But in most cases, it is around 3-5 business days.
Buy star adoption certificate

Are the coordinates accurate?

Our database is using multiple star databases, from different star research programs. And they are approved by largest star research companies including NASA, and International Astronomical Union. To showcase your star on our database we are using google sky map, with exact coordinates of your star.

Is star Naming and star Buying the same thing as Adopting a star?

In short, Yes! There are different ways how people recognise these services, somebody is looking for options to buy a star, somebody is looking for opportunities to name a star, but at the end, it is the same thing. We record all stars in our public database, for everybody to visit.

Star Database coordinates

Can I legally adopt a star?

Nobody can legally own a star, at the same time everybody can own it, as it does not belong to anybody. The purpose of our database is not too fool somebody with the fake idea of them owning a star, and travelling to live on it.

In fact, most of the stars are just large gas balls, similar to our sun, that is not suitable for living, so even if you had a spaceship that could fly in a speed of light, you would not be able to live there or also visit it.
Think about it as a lovely gift to somebody you want to make happy. It will be a meaningful and fun gift, that this person will love, and tell his/her friends, as a fact or a joke, that he or she owes a star.

Can I legally own a star?