Adopt a star as a gift and get a certificate

Are you looking for a meaning full gift? You have come to the right place: adopt a star for your loved one, friend, family to celebrate any other happy occasion. Star's name will be saved in our stellar database for eternity.

What is star adoption?

Star adoption is a process where you can claim a name for a real star in the night sky, which is then recorded in the star catalog. When you adopt a star, you don’t only buy an entry in the database, but you also create a permanent bond with the universe.

Adopt a star Certificate

Can I legally adopt a star?

Nobody on the Earth can claim physical rights to own a star: stars are astronomical objects of the cosmos where property rights do not apply. However, you can still assign your name to a celestial object in any constellation.

To clarify, even when important scientists discover new planets or stars, they do not own them. They can, however, name their discoveries and create a personal association with their findings. Similarly, anyone can choose a new way to identify stars in the sky.

Does NASA allow you to adopt a star?

NASA or International Astronomical Union are not providing these kinds of services. Thus, the only way how to acquire a star name is to use authorized services that offer an entry in their private catalog. SREU database is one of the largest in the world that supports an opportunity to adopt a star.

What is included in the star adoption gift set?

Star adoption provides official documentation that will prove that you have a record in the star-naming database.

Star Certificate

You will receive a personalized Star Certificate that proves the authenticity of the star you have adopted. Moreover, you can make this document even more special by adding a meaningful message.

How does a star certificate look like?

When you are adopting a star on one of our partner’s site, you will have a range of approved certificates that you can choose from. You can see a few images below that will reveal the overall design of our partner's gift set.

Adopt a star Certificate Gift Package


Star Map

Star Map reveals the location of your star in the constellation, helping you find it either with a telescope or with a naked eye (if you have chosen the brightest star option).

Are the coordinates accurate?

Our database is using multiple stellar catalogs, from different star research programs. To showcase your star on our database we are using a Google Skymap, with the exact coordinates of your star.

Entry in Celestial Name Database

An online database allows you to view your star anytime and anywhere in the world. Star will be immediately recorded in our database, allowing you to share this information to your friends and family.

Certificate and Star Map

How long it takes to adopt a star?

The process of adopting a star is rather simple and can be done within 10 minutes. To complete the process, please, follow these steps:

  1. Decide between Standard Star, Zodiac Star or Binary star
  2. Fill the form about the star you are willing to adopt.
  3. Enter your billing and shipping information.
  4. Finish the purchase by paying with a Credit card, Sofort, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.
  5. Once an order is placed, we will assign a star for you right away.
  6. Within 5 minutes you will receive the email with all the details about your star.

Physical delivery

If you have selected a physical package, you will still receive an email copy of the certificate and star map. Delivery time depends on your location, however, most of our orders are received within 3-5 business days.

Is star Naming and star Buying the same thing as Adopting a star?

These terms are very similar, indeed. There are different ways how people recognize these services, somebody is looking for options to buy a star, somebody is looking for opportunities to name a star, but in the end, it is the same thing.

Think about it as a lovely way to make somebody happy. It will be a meaningful and fun gift, that this person will love, bragging to his/her friends about the newfound meaning in the Universe.

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